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Guides have  been thumping for fish for as long as I can remember.  Some of us seasoned fisherman have used outboard motors running, trolling motor sputtering surface water, and boat thumping to trigger fish into biting. Thumping  was first used to catch striper and hybrid bass however thumping works well for crappie, catfish, largemouth, perch and whitebass.

Now there is an electronic thumper that can be set at variable speeds, turned on/off by FOB, pulls less than 1/4 of an amp and is built out of quality material.

Over 25 Guides on Clarkeshill, Hartwell and Murry are using the Thump 'Em Up Fish Thumper.
Reel Fish Taxidermy
Two models are available:

Thump Em' Up Fish Thumper with on/off switch, variable control, two FOBs, and battery cable.

Thump Em' Up Fish Thumper with on/off switch, variable control, two FOBs, battery cable, internal battery and battery charger.

Thumpers with internal batteries will run over 16 - 20 hours before a charge is needed.

Thumpers come with one year warranty.  Guides recieve a 90 day warranty.

Thumpers can be purchased at some participating bait shops or direct by calling Thump Em' Up..

Reel Fish Taxidermy
Reel Fish Taxidermy
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